TaskMuncher Overview

TaskMuncher Overview

by John Vincent

Posted on March 30, 2021



TaskMuncher is a Task Management Productivity application.

TaskMuncher is the easiest way to get it done, whether you're making a shopping list, planning a holiday or managing multiple work projects.

Use TaskMuncher to organize and keep track of everything so you can get it all done and enjoy more peace of mind.


Live Deployment

TaskMuncher at Digital Ocean




Deploy TaskMuncher

TaskMuncher is deployed to a Digital Ocean Droplet.

Please see Configure and Deploy to Ubuntu 20.04 Droplet at Digital Ocean for deployment details.

Deploy TaskMuncher to a multi-container Docker environment at AWS

For details, please see Overview of Creating and Deploying a Multi-Container Docker Application to AWS

Deploy to AWS dependencies

TaskMuncher Version Updates

Overview of TaskMuncher V1

Update TaskMuncher V2 to Webpack v4, Babel v7, Material-UI v3

Update TaskMuncher V3 to use BrowserRouter rather than HashRouter

Update TaskMuncher V4 to Progressive Web App

TaskMuncher Updates

Optimizing TaskMuncher

TaskMuncher Performance

Using Webpack Bundle Analysis

Add TaskMuncher to Material-UI Showcase

TaskMuncher Lighthouse Fixes

Deploy TaskMuncher to AWS

Deploy TaskMuncher to AWS



The following describe tasks required for the maintenance of TaskMuncher at Digital Ocean.

Update SSL Certificates to Ubuntu at Digital Ocean

Maintaining Droplets at Digital Ocean

Website Review

Website Validation

The following describe tasks required for the validation of TaskMuncher at Digital Ocean.

Website Validation Reference

TaskMuncher Website Validation

Client Technologies

Server Technologies

Production Deployment Technologies

Production Problems

TaskMuncher React Production Issues

Testing Deployment

For a simple application deployed from a single Github repository:


Wireframes built using Balsamiq may be downloaded here