TaskMuncher Website Validation

Verify the Website Implementation

TaskMuncher Website Validation

by John Vincent

Posted on October 27, 2018

This document discusses validation issues for the www.taskmuncher.com website.

It references the Website Validation Reference

Using the Website Validation Reference, the following were the issues found and their solutions.

Check for Vulnerabilities

Using Snyk

Snyk reported no issues.


For details, see Using Favicons

Ran the Favicon checker for www.taskmuncher.com

No issues found.

Web App Manifest

For details, see About Web App Manifests

Added to site.webmanifest

		"start_url": "index.html",
		"orientation": "landscape"

No other issues found.

Meta tags for search engines



for all pages.

Meta Tags for Google, Facebook and Twitter

For details, see Configuring Meta Tags


Used Facebook Sharing Debugger to test https://www.taskmuncher.com

No issues found.


Used Twitter Validate meta tags to test https://www.johnvincent.io

No issues found.

Check Browser Caching

For details, see Browser Caching

Changed Nginx server block. Used the boilerplate.

Uncomment include h5bp/basic.conf;


location ~*  \.(svg|jpg|jpeg|png|gif|ico|css|js|pdf)$ {
	expires 30d;

Varvy SEO Tool

Varvy SEO Tool

Enter each URL and test.

Clean up any issues found.

  • Page Speed
    • Browser caching issues

The problem is caused by

<script src="https://apis.google.com/js/platform.js?onload=onLoadCallback" async defer></script>

I cannot remove the code and I cannot modify and so there is nothing I can.

  • Page Speed
    • HTML not minimized

Changed deploy-apps, added

# minify index.html
cp dist/index.html dist/index.work
html-minifier dist/index.work --remove-comments --output dist/index.html

Fixes the issue.

  • Page Speed
    • CSS not minified

Problem is main.bundle.css which is minified but has a second line for source mapping. Remove the second line and the issue is resolved.

Fix webpack.config.js

const PRODUCTION_MODE = process.env.NODE_ENV === 'production';

devtool: PRODUCTION_MODE ? 'source-map' : 'inline-source-map',

Created new problems

  • Render blocking CSS and/or JS
  • Visible content not prioritized

Decided to use

devtool: 'inline-source-map'

for development and production.

  • Accessibility
    • Language not declared ideally

Fix index.hbs

<html lang="en">
  • Accessibility
    • No skip to main content link.

General issue, will require a separate project.

For detailed description of how to fix, see Skip to main content

Decided to leave this for now.

Varvy Speed Tool

Varvy Speed Tool

Enter each URL and test.

  • CSS delivery
    • Too many external CSS files
    • CSS not minimized
External CSS location




All 3 are needed. Nothing to be done.

  • Browser caching
    • Browser caching not enabled for all resources
      • Not enabled for third party resources apis.google.com

Decided to leave this.

Varvy Mobile Tool

Varvy Mobile Tool

  • Mobile friendly = 100/100
  • Mobile speed = 99/100
  • Google access = yes
  • Page redirects = 0


To run Lighthouse

  • Open Chrome
  • Enter URL
  • Plugin Icon (top right)
    • Generate Report

Test www.taskmuncher.com


Caused by bundle.js which is 16.1Mb

Chrome developer tools, network tab, bundle.js

  • Response headers
content-encoding: gzip
cache-control: max-age=31536000
download size = 3.8MB
actual size = 15.4MB

Verified bundle.js has been made correctly by Webpack. bundle.js is 16.1MB on disk and is minified. bundle.js has license info non-minified, which appears to be a legal requirement.

Don't see anything I can do about this.

Progressive Web App

  • Page load is not fast enough on 3G.

    • Your page loads too slowly and is not interactive within 10 seconds.
  • Does not respond with a 200 when offline

    • If you're building a Progressive Web App, consider using a service worker so that your app can work offline
  • User will not be prompted to Install the Web App

    • Failures: Site does not register a service worker.
      • Browsers can proactively prompt users to add your app to their home screen, which can lead to higher engagement.
  • Does not register a service worker

    • The service worker is the technology that enables your app to use many Progressive Web App features, such as offline, add to home screen, and push notifications
  • Does not provide fallback content when JavaScript is not available

    • The page body should render some content if its scripts are not available.


Background and foreground colors do not have a sufficient contrast ratio.

Decided to leave this for now.


21: Performance
35: Progressive Web App
92: Accessibility
100: Best Practices
100: SEO

Google Page Speed Insights

Google PageSpeed Insights

  • Leverage browser caching
    • https://apis.google.com/js/platform.js?onload=onLoadCallback

Decided to leave it alone.

Added this to deploy-apps

echo "Minify main.bundle.css"
cp dist/main.bundle.css dist/main.bundle.css.work
html-minifier dist/main.bundle.css.work --remove-comments --output dist/main.bundle.css

actually works, as in the error goes away. Seems like such a terrible idea I removed the botch and decided to leave this alone.


* Page speed - unavailable
* Optimization - Good 99/100


* Page speed - unavailable
* Optimization - Good 99/100

HTML Validator

W3C Markup Validation

No errors

CSS Validator

CSS Validator by W3C

No errors

RSS Feed Validator

RSS Feed Validator

No feed to verify

Web Accessibility

Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool

Had to install the browser extension into Firefox.

Missing form label.

Caused by

<input aria-invalid="false" aria-required="false" autocomplete="email" class="jss137 jss140 jss138" name="email" placeholder="Email Address" type="email" value="">

Code uses TextField. Fix with

InputProps={ {
	inputProps: {
		'aria-label': 'Email Address',
		'aria-required': 'true'
} }

Missing form label.

Applied TextField fix as above.

Applied fix to CheckBox

			inputProps={ {
				'aria-label': 'Remember',
				'aria-required': 'true'
			} }
	label="Remember Me"

Missing form label.

Applied TextField fix as above and

InputProps={ {
	inputProps: {
		'aria-label': 'Name',
		'aria-required': 'true',
		maxLength: 40
} }

for other properties.

Nibbler Tools

Free version of Nibbler is limited to 5 URLs but is still very powerful.

Overall - 5.3

Implement and integrate social media to improve these scores.

  • Facebook - 0
  • Twitter - 0
  • Popularity - 0
  • Printability - 0
  • Social interest - 0
  • Heading - 0, which is false
  • Analytics - 0, which is false
  • Amount of content - 0, which is false
  • Domain age - 2.1
  • Mobile - 3, which is false
  • URL format - 10.0
  • Meta tags - 10.0
  • Internal links - 10.0
  • Page titles - 10.0
  • Images - 10.0
  • Server behavior - 10.0

Accessibility - 6.7

Caused by Headings - 0 and Mobile - 3.0 both of which are false.

Nothing to be done.

Experience - 4.3

Caused by:

  • social media - 0, mobile - 3.0 can't do anything about them
  • Amount of content - 0 which is false.

Marketing - 1.7

Caused by:

  • social media - 0, mobile - 3.0 can't do anything about them
  • Amount of content - 0 which is false.
  • Analytics - 0 which is false.
  • Incoming links - 7.5 which seems high

Technology - 7.4

Caused by:

  • Printability - 0
  • Headings - 0, which is false
  • Domain age - 2.1
  • Mobile - 3.0, which is false

Usability Checklist

Usability Checklist

Review all pages with this checklist.

Check Google Fonts

For details, see Google Fonts and Google Web Font Loader

Check HTML for ARIA

For details, see HTML ARIA

Check HTML for Microdata

For details, see HTML Microdata

Verify each URL with Google Structured Data Testing Tool

Nothing detected, doesn't seem to recognize the JavaScript.

Review HTML5 Semantics

Useful HTML5 Semantics Guide

Review your HTML5 Semantics

Verify each page with Test HTML5 Semantics

Nothing detected, doesn't seem to recognize the JavaScript.

Check your Libraries

Ensure you are using a cloud version.

Look up your libraries

Review Application

  • set focus (.focus())
  • prevent double submits
  • ensure image has alt tag
  • review icons and images - can they be sprited?
  • Using SVG?