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Adding TaskMuncher to the Material-UI Showcase

Material-UI Showcase

by John Vincent

Posted on September 26, 2018

This article describes how to add TaskMuncher to the Material-UI Showcase.

Contributing to Material-UI


Contributing to Material-UI

Material-UI Showcase

Material-UI Releases


Getting Started

Review Contributing to Material-UI as there are many rules.

Fork the Material-UI repository on Github

From Material-UI Github, ensure you have next branch selected. Issue Fork (see top right).

This creates repository

Clone your fork to your local machine

cd /Users/jv/Desktop/MyDevelopment/github/material-ui
git clone

Create a branch

cd material-ui
git checkout -b my-topic-branch

Fetch packages


Make your changes

Added to docs/src/pages/discover-more/showcase/appList.js

	title: 'TaskMuncher',
		'TaskMuncher is a responsive MERN stack Task Management Productivity Web based application.' +
		'TaskMuncher is the easiest way to get it done, whether you’re making a shopping list, ' + 
		'planning a holiday or managing multiple work projects. ' +
		'Use TaskMuncher to organize and keep track of everything so you can get it all done and enjoy more peace of mind.',
	link: '',
	image: 'taskmuncher.png',
	index: 30,


calendar image taskmuncher.png


to static/images/showcase


yarn lint


git status
git add .
git commit -m "added to showcase"


May want to run prettier and then check what changes were made.

yarn prettier

If there were any changes, save them before moving on.

Push to to GitHub

git push --set-upstream origin my-topic-branch

Git replies with

remote: Create a pull request for 'my-topic-branch' on GitHub by visiting:

Make a Pull Request


which is a pull request.

Click on Create pull request

Pull request is #14687

Fix Errors

A number of checks are made on the request. If any of them fail, the request will fail.

For example, ci/circleci failed. Details of the failure suggest a yarn lint error.

yarn lint

revealed the problem. I fixed the problem

  • fix the problem
  • save
  • push


yarn prettier
  • save
  • push

Successful Pull Request

When the pull request passes all tests, it becomes available to be merged.

Write access is required to perform a merge.


View Material-UI release info

Look for the pull request #14687


Review Material-UI Showcase to ensure that TaskMuncher has been added to showcase.

For more information about TaskMuncher please see TaskMuncher Overview