Spell Checking Markdown Documents

Spell Checking Markdown Documents

by John Vincent

Posted on June 1, 2018

Discussion about spell checking Markdown documents.

Markdown Spell Checker

I chose to use this Markdown Spell Checker

npm i markdown-spellcheck --save-dev

Although markdown-spellcheck has the ability to parse out files in a file system, I found it to be very cumbersome.

Thus I built a script md-spell-checker in the root directory of the project.

# script to spell check markdown files
if [ -z "$PARAM" ]; then
    echo "Spell Checker for all Markdown Files"
    for FILE in `find . \( -path ./node_modules -o -path ./destination -o -path ./Not-in-use \) -prune -o -name '*.md' -print`
        echo "Spell Checking Markdown file $FILE"
        ./node_modules/markdown-spellcheck/bin/mdspell -r -n -a --en-us $FILE
        echo "Completed Spell Checking Markdown file $FILE"
        echo " "
    echo "Spell Checking Markdown file $PARAM"
    ./node_modules/markdown-spellcheck/bin/mdspell -r -n -a --en-us $PARAM

Notice the code to ignore directories I do not wish to spell check. Modify for your own needs.

To spell check only one file

./md-spell-checker {your-file}

Added to package.json

"scripts": {
    "spelling": "./md-spell-checker"

Add words to be considered valid by adding them, one word per line, to .spelling.

To spell check all markdown files

npm run spelling