Facebook Application Id

Facebook Application Id

by John Vincent

Posted on May 12, 2018

Facebook Application Id

This is part of a series of discussions regarding Deploying to a Digital Ocean Droplet.

For more details, please see Deploy TaskMuncher

There are a multitude of ways of going about this. I have chosen the following as it fits best with the architecture of the TaskMuncher application.

Facebook Application Ids

Note that the Facebook Appid is tied to a unique URL. Thus, if the application is multiply deployed you will need an appid for each of your deployments.

Note that development is a unique URL and thus will also need an appid.


Let's describe a few goals

  • Login to the application using Facebook authentication.
  • Create an unique application account for each authenticated Facebook user.
  • Bypass Facebook login if user is already logged into Facebook.
  • Any configuration data must be held server side.
  • Any configuration data must be stored outside of the application.

Required Facebook Application Ids

I need Application Ids for the following environments:

  • Development
  • Heroku
  • Digital Ocean

which have URLs of:

Application was not deployed to Heroku.

Facebook app names:

  • taskmuncher.local
  • taskmuncher.heroku (not needed)
  • taskmuncher.com

Create Facebook Application Ids

Login to Facebook for Developers

Select "My Apps" (see top right)

Add a New App

Display Name:

Contact Email:

I have chosen a standard for display Name:


Create App Id

which creates a new app and provides the App ID.

Add a Product

Facebook Login, Setup

Settings, Basic

  • Category = News
    • Save

Facebook Login, Settings



This app is in development mode and can only be used by app admins, developers and testers

Click on the following question mark icon.

  • Make public?
    • Change to Yes and confirm

Repeat the above steps for each environment.

Delete Facebook Application Id

This is for reference.

Settings, Advanced

At the very bottom is a red button Delete App

  • Press Delete App
    • Confirm