Install Jekyll Ubuntu

Install Jekyll Ubuntu

by John Vincent

Posted on March 1, 2017

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Install Jekyll Ubuntu

Useful reference

sudo apt-get update

Then we’ll install Ruby and its development libraries as well as make and gcc so that Jekyll's libraries will compile once we install Jekyll:

sudo apt-get install ruby ruby-dev make gcc

When that's complete, we'll use Ruby's gem package manager to install Jekyll itself as well as the bundler to manage Gem dependencies:

sudo gem install jekyll bundler

sudo gem uninstall jekyll

sudo bundle install

Install additional gems

cd demosite
sudo bundle


Added script build-prod

#  script to run jekyll build in a production environment
# JEKYLL_ENV=production jekyll build
JEKYLL_ENV=production jekyll build --config=_config.yml,_config_prod.yml


Added script build-dev

#  script to run jekyll build in a development environment
# for debugging, use --trace
bundle exec jekyll serve --config=_config.yml,_config_dev.yml --watch --drafts

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