Configure Mailgun for Ghost

Configure Mailgun for Ghost

by John Vincent

Posted on March 1, 2017

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Configure Mailgun

Get Mailgun account

Login to Mailgun

  • Select Domains (top nav, left)
  • See list of domains
  • Select your domain


Default SMTP login
Default password

Configure Ghost

cd /var/www/ghost
vi config.js:
production: {
    url: '',
    mail: {
        transport: 'SMTP',
              options: {
                  service: 'Mailgun',
                  auth: {
                      user: "{Default SMTP login}",
                      pass: "{Default password}"

Restart Ghost

cd /var/www/ghost
sudo npm start --production

Setup Ghost Account

As no account exists:

Set an account (store this information)

  • email:
  • password:

Test Lost Password
  • Sign out

  • Enter Ghost email address

  • Forgot?

Ensure you get an email at the email address of the Mailgun account.