Feediator Website Validation

Verify the Feediator Implementation

Feediator Website Validation

by John Vincent

Posted on August 12, 2017

This document discusses validation issues for the www.feediator.com website.

It references the Website Validation Reference

Using the Website Validation Reference, the following were the issues found and their solutions.

Check for Vulnerabilities

Using Snyk

Snyk reported no issues.


For details, see Using Favicons

Ran the Favicon checker for www.feediator.com

Web App Manifest

For details, see About Web App Manifests

No additional issues found.

Meta tags for search engines



for all pages.

Meta Tags for Google, Facebook and Twitter

For details, see Configuring Meta Tags


Used Facebook Sharing Debugger to test https://www.feediator.com

All tests passed.


Used Twitter Validate meta tags to test https://www.feediator.com

All tests passed.

Check Browser Caching

For details, see Browser Caching

Ensure browser is caching certain resources.

Has maxage = 0

Note the static resources are being served from the Express server, not from Nginx.



app.use(express.static(path.resolve(__dirname, '../public')));
app.use('/assets', express.static(path.resolve(__dirname, '../public/assets')));


var options = {
	maxAge: '90d'
app.use(express.static(path.resolve(__dirname, '../public'), options));
app.use('/assets', express.static(path.resolve(__dirname, '../public/assets'), options));	

Page Speed

Go to Google PageSpeed Insights



Mobile: 93/100
Desktop: 97/100

The only issue is


Varvy SEO Tool

Varvy SEO Tool

Enter each URL and test.

Clean up any issues found.

  • If modified Since

Odd finding. Postman Get on https://www.feediator.com does indeed not return the Last-Modified property. Also shows there is no caching

Cache-Control →public, max-age=0

Postman Get on https://www.feediator.com/assets/css/home/styles.css returns the Last-Modified property.

Postman Get on https://johnvincent.io returns the Last-Modified property.

Express server would need to return the last-modified property, which assumes it knows. However, it realistically cannot know as the Html is not static.

Decided to leave it.

Varvy Speed Tool

Varvy Speed Tool

Enter each URL and test.

Clean up any issues found.

  • JavaScript not minimized
    • assets/js/home/home.js

Minimal impact. Decided to leave it.

Varvy Mobile Tool

Varvy Mobile Tool

Enter each URL and test.

Mobile friendly: 100
Mobile Speed: 91

All tests passed.

HTML Validator

W3C Markup Validation

  • Stray start tag head

main.hbs had the extra code. Removed it.

  • <nav .... role="navigation">

Removed role="navigation"

*<main role="main">

Removed role="main"

  • Bad value contentinfo for attribute role on element

home.hbs had <ul ... role="contentinfo"

Removed role="contentinfo"

CSS Validator

CSS Validator by W3C

  • alpha(opacity=85) is an unknown vendor extension.

Problem is in _header.scss, calls a mixin @include opacity(0.85);.

The mixin

@mixin opacity($opacity) {
    opacity: $opacity;
    $opacity-ie: $opacity * 100;
    filter: alpha(opacity=$opacity-ie); //IE8

The trouble is filter: alpha(opacity=$opacity-ie);

Code is not helpful and so I removed it.

  • --cover-min-height: 100px}

Removed the code.

Valid CSS!

Usability Checklist

Usability Checklist

Review all pages with this checklist.

Web Accessibility

Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool

1 alert, p should be h?


<p class="info">Designed for your reading pleasure</p>


<h2 class="info">Designed for your reading pleasure</h2>

No css changes needed.

Check Google Fonts

For details, see Google Fonts and Google Web Font Loader

Check HTML for ARIA

For details, see HTML ARIA

Check HTML for Microdata

For details, see HTML Microdata

Verify each URL with Google Structured Data Testing Tool

Review HTML5 Semantics

Useful HTML5 Semantics Guide

Review your HTML5 Semantics

Verify each page with Test HTML5 Semantics


To run Lighthouse

  • Open Chrome
  • Enter URL
  • Plugin Icon (top right)
    • Generate Report

Test https://www.feediator.com


Background and foreground colors do not have a sufficient contrast ratio.

Odd as same color and background colors are used for other text in the intro section.

Change font-weight from 300 to 400.

Accessibility Engine is a useful tool

Provides a color contrast analyzer. Used this to set the foreground color #ffffff to find a background color close to the original primary color #1f8dd6 which passes the contrast test.

Settled on #105B8E

This fixed the problem.

Progressive Web App

Needs a service worker etc.

This is not a Progressive Web App and so it doesn't need service workers.

No changes.


93: Performance
73: Progressive Web App
100: Accessibility
100: Best Practices
100: SEO

Check your Libraries

Ensure you are using a cloud version.

Look up your libraries

Review Application

  • set focus (.focus())
  • prevent double submits
  • ensure image has alt tag
  • review icons and images - can they be sprited?
  • Using SVG?