Install Sass on Mac

Install Sass on Mac

by John Vincent

Posted on February 18, 2017

This stuff ends up sprayed everywhere, so let's create a reference document.




This is complicated by the need for Jekyll to handle auto compile of sass files.

Without this requirement the task is easy

sudo npm install -g sass

Sass Install describes others ways to install Sass.

I installed a long time ago and so I used a technique I doubt I would use today.

Install Sass using Ruby

Install ruby

brew update
brew install ruby

Check version

ruby -v

Install Sass

sudo gem install sass

Check version

sass -v

Update Sass

sudo gem update sass

Uninstall Sass

List gems

gem list
sudo gem uninstall sass-listen
sudo gem uninstall sass

Use Sass Compiler

I have a convention of creating folders scss and css

Create file sass-compiler

sass --watch scss:css --line-numbers --style expanded

Any changes to scss files will be automatically compiled into css files.