Website Validation

Verify the Website Implementation Website Validation

by John Vincent

Posted on August 9, 2018

This document discusses validation issues for the website.

It references the Website Validation Reference

Using the Website Validation Reference, the following were the issues found and their solutions.

Check for Vulnerabilities

Using Snyk

Snyk reported no issues.


For details, see Using Favicons

Ran the Favicon checker for

As the favicons are created by a Gatsby plugin, there is nothing I can do at this moment.

iOS Safari


  • The high resolution Touch icon is absent
  • There is no Touch icon in the root directory

Windows 8 and 10


  • There is no Browser Configuration file at
  • There is no tile icon for Windows
  • The Browser Configuration file is absent


With El Capitan Safari


  • The mask icon for Safari pinned tabs is absent
  • The mask icon has no color

Classic, desktop browsers

  • There is no favicon.ico in the root of your web site
  • Image may not be useful regarding its size
  • There is an icon for classic browsers

Web App Manifest

For details, see About Web App Manifests

No additional issues found.

Meta tags for search engines



are already codes for all pages.

Meta Tags for Google, Facebook and Twitter

For details, see Configuring Meta Tags

All tests passed.


All tests passed.


Used Twitter Validate meta tags to test

All tests passed.

Varvy SEO Tool

Varvy SEO Tool

Enter each URL and test.

Clean up any issues found.

  • Accessibility

    • No skip to main content link
  • Sitemaps

    • Add a user site map

Varvy Speed Tool

Varvy Speed Tool

Enter each URL and test.

Clean up any issues found.

  • CSS not minimized

Edit file on server, file has 24 lines. Problem is caused by scss files with comments at the top.


Remove the header comments. Verify destination/css/all.css is only one line.
  • Browser caching

Could fix with Nginx Header Module. for details, see How to Implement Browser Caching with Nginx's header Module on Ubuntu 16.04

#browser caching of static assets
    location ~*  \.(jpg|jpeg|png|gif|ico|css|js)$ {
        expires 7d;

I have decided not to implement at this time.

Varvy Mobile Tool

Varvy Mobile Tool

Enter each URL and test.

Clean up any issues found.

Browser caching issues

See above

Mobile friendly: 100/100
Mobile speed: 99/100
Google access: yes
Page redirects: 0


To run Lighthouse

  • Open Chrome
  • Enter URL
  • Plugin Icon (top right)
    • Generate Report


johnvincentio-lighthouse-scores Lighthouse Scores


Same as above.


Same as above.


Same as above.


Same as above.


Same as above.


SEO: 94

caused by the links on the right. No real answer to this other than a redesign.

Not clear to me that anyone using a mobile device would find the list useful.


Same links problem as above.

Performance: 79.

This is caused by the images. They should be moved.


Lower scores caused by Google Maps. Nothing to do here.


Performance: 69

Many images, they should be moved to images.


Performance: 94

Caused by /static/slider-bg2-36383f6….jpg being a jpg file.

Image formats like JPEG 2000, JPEG XR, and WebP often provide better compression. This is a can of worms best left alone.

Google Page Speed Insights

Google PageSpeed Insights

Score: 100/100

Nibbler Tools

Free version of Nibbler is limited to 5 URLs but is still very powerful.

Social interest: 0.0
Twitter: 0.4
Incoming links: 2.0
Popularity: 4.3
Amount of content: 8.1
Internal links: 10
Meta tags: 10
Headings: 10
Page titles: 10
Analytics: 10
Freshness: 10

HTML Validator

W3C Markup Validation

No errors

CSS Validator

CSS Validator by W3C

RSS Feed Validator

RSS Feed Validator

RSS Feed passed the tests.

Usability Checklist

Usability Checklist

Review all pages with this checklist.

Check Google Fonts

For details, see Google Fonts and Google Web Font Loader

Check HTML for ARIA

For details, see HTML ARIA

Check HTML for Microdata

For details, see HTML Microdata

Verify each URL with Google Structured Data Testing Tool

Review HTML5 Semantics

Useful HTML5 Semantics Guide

Review your HTML5 Semantics

Verify each page with Test HTML5 Semantics

Check your Libraries

Ensure you are using a cloud version.

Look up your libraries

Review Application

  • set focus (.focus())
  • prevent double submits
  • ensure image has alt tag
  • review icons and images - can they be sprited?
  • Using SVG?