Apache Solr

Apache Solr

by John Vincent

Posted on May 25, 2018

This document discusses installation and basic usage of Apache Solr.

Apache Solr

Solr is the popular, blazing-fast, open source enterprise search platform built on Apache Lucene

Apache Solr

Solr Tutorial

Solr Downloads


Download Solr 8.3.1

Chose from sites

wget http://mirror.cc.columbia.edu/pub/software/apache/lucene/solr/8.3.1/solr-8.3.1.tgz

and get the KEYS


Verify Download

cd /Users/jv/Desktop/OtherTools/apache-solr

gpg --import KEYS
gpg --verify solr-8.3.1.tgz.asc solr-8.3.1.tgz
tar -zxvf solr-8.3.1.tgz

Start Solr

Start Solr using techproducts

cd solr-8.3.1
bin/solr -e techproducts

Check status

bin/solr status

UI Admin


Indexing Data

Note ~/solr-8.3.1/example/exampledocs has many XML files.