Interview Overview

Interview Overview

by John Vincent

Posted on February 23, 2017

Let’s describe some of the potential interview topics.

Master Resource List

Interviews Overview


Handbooks & Coding Problems

The HackerRank Interview Preparation Kit






How to pass a programming interview / Triplebyte

Code Problems

Another GitHub repo

Programming Praxis

Daily Coding Problem

Technical Interview Advice & Tips


The Ultimate Guide to Kicking Ass on Take-home Coding Challenges / Full Stack Interviewing

Tips for Passing a Pair-Programming Test / Dice

Questions to Ask During The Interview

Questions to Ask / Tech Interview Handbook

51 Interview Questions You Should Be Asking / The Muse

Questions I’m asking in interviews / blog post by Julia Evans

Before the Interview

The Ultimate Guide to Researching a Company Pre-Interview / The Muse

A script to use when asked about your salary preferences / Google Doc

After the Interview

Post Interview Thank You Letter Template / Google Doc

Your Guide to When to Follow Up—and When to Sit Tight and Be Patient / The Muse

How to ask for feedback when rejected after your first on site interview / Google Doc

Dealing with Rejection

Rejection for Tech Professionals

5 Tips for Dealing with Rejection during your Job Search

Rejection and the Job Search

How to Move on When You Didn’t Land the Job